*Please note that proper dance attire, shoes and proper hair  should be worn to attend all classes.  You are financially responsible for all extras needed. 

  • BALLET --  Is the basis of all dancing.  It requires concentrated and repetitive study and demands a high-level of self-discipline.  Poise, grace and coordination, along with music appreciation are accomplished through proper ballet training.

  • JAZZ --  Jazz is basically a modern interpretation of ballet.  therefore, ballet is a prerequisite of jazz.  It is usually performed to, but not necessarily limited to, the popular music of today. 

  • TAP --  Tap dancing is the only type of dance that is native to America.  It trains students in developing rhythm and coordination as well as teaching them to think and react spontaneously.  With proper training, it is also beneficial in developing creativity. 

  • BATON --  This class requires using the mind, arms and legs at one time.  It builds coordination, discipline and extensive techniques in dancing.  All students should consider taking ballet or jazz with this course.

  • POINTE --  Pointe is an advance form of ballet.  Students should never be put on their toes without first mastering extensive ballet techniques and skills that include proper body control.  Nor should they be allowed to dance on pointe before their bodies and muscles are developed.  Be wary of any teacher who puts a student on pointe at any early age or with little ballet background.

  • TUMBLING -- We will see that you learn proper form, technique, progression and the required conditioning  to meet your tumbling goals.  This class is great for those who might be thinking about joining a cheering squad or just to enhance and broaden your dance studies. 

School of Dance
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